Here comes the Lisp Machine keyset episode 2.


Symbolics 3640

Symbolics, Inc. was a computer manufacturer that designed and manufactured a line of Lisp machines. In 1981, Symbolics introduced the LM-2 as its initail product. The LM-2 had a complex Symbolics-branded keyboard, which is known as the space-cadet keyboard. Later in 1983, Symbolics carried out the 3600 family of Lisp machines. The 3600 machines had a simplified version of the space-cadet keyboard, known simply as the Symbolics keyboard. The early model of Symbolics keyboard is PN 364000.

PN 364000

It had a simplified layout of less keys than the space-cadet keyboard. The color theme was white/seige/dark gray, maybe not as eye candy as the space-cadet keyboard, but it's still a nice theme. To bring this keyset theme back, and to pay homage to this Lisp machine/Symbolics keyboard, I created SA Hacker.


The design follows to what's in the PN 364000 keyboard. It's simple theme with three main colors. White on dark gray for the alphas and white/dark gray on biege for modifiers. The tricky part of the job is to get all these colors royal to the original keyset. After a long time of working with my friends, we finally get the good matches to the original keyset. As the result, I will use customized customized colors for this design. Besides, I would keep the design simple and temperate, without introducing many more colors, or novelties. I hope the design is clean and durable, which expresses the essence of the hacking spirit among hackers in 1980s.

Details & Kits

Manufacture Signature Plastics
Production MX Mount, ABS double shot
Profile SA 1-1-2-3-4-3


SA Hacker is a plain theme with simple design. I don't think it would be popular, at least not that popular as SA Symbiosis. Despite the minor popularity, there still might be enough vintage theme fans or Symbolics keyset enthusiasts for a practical GB. It's better to keep the kits setup to be simple too. So here comes the all-in-one kit for common 108/WKL/65/HHKB, etc. layouts. Not gonna have a rich kits setup to cover 40s, Ergodox, Ortho keyboards, Minila, etc. layouts.

I expect it would be a small GB, at the MOQ about 75 or so. No intend to put a limit on the sale number. But I don't think it would be a lot of interest and a good sale, so it's not necessary to bother vendors. Instead, I would like to run it myself to get better control on the price. The GB day is not determined yet, but I guess it would be an agile run among friends around when the time is right.


CA66 left

CA66 front

Special Thanks

I would like to give a big thank to all those who helped or contributed to the project(listed in alphabetical order):

  • chyros(GH)
  • impaktor(GH)
  • orihalcon(DT)
  • packman86(GH)
  • taek(DT)
  • webwit(DT)
  • Yock
  • York.Chan(GH)

Special thank to taek. He was really warmhearted and did a lot to help this project. Without his help, this project would not be possible.

Thanks so much!